Meet Squirrel

The app that gets you better at setting aside & spending in seconds!

What does it do?

Squirrel makes it super easy and fun to set aside for your goals and create - then keep to - your very own personalised budget.

After joining, simply add your monthly expenses and goals, then customise them with your own photos and names. This could be money for a holiday, your monthly Netflix subscription, a deposit for a new place or whatever excites you.

The app then keeps your money safe and pays out your spending and bill money as you need it.

How does it work?

Squirrel is simply a budgeting account in your name – controlled by an app - that makes it easy to budget your money and build healthy money habits. Each month as your salary gets paid into the app, three things happen:
  • Your goals money gets kept safe inside your goals, where you see them grow towards completion
  • Your bill money is kept safe, then paid out to your current account the day before your bills are due – so there's no need to ever have to worry about accidentally spending bill money!
  • Your spending money goes into your current account as normal – for fun and spending (you can even request to break this down into weekly amounts if you find it easier to budget for a week!)

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Still have questions? Here are some common ones


  1. How does Squirrel work and do I keep my bank account? Once you enable Squirrel your pay is diverted into your Squirrel account, where we hold back money for your goals and budgeting. The rest of your pay goes straight into your bank account as normal. Once you’re ready to receive your goals then these get paid out into your bank account too.
  2. How safe is my money? Your money is held in cash in a special prepaid account (so your money never gets lent out, like with a normal bank account). It is held in your name in a segregated e-money account. It remains yours at all time, Squirrel just moves money for you when you need us to.
  3. What happens if I want to stop using Squirrel? We’ll be very sad to see you go! Leaving Squirrel is easy - just tell your employer you want to be paid into your normal bank account. Then tell us and we’ll pay any money you’ve saved back there too.


  1. How is Squirreling different from a savings account? Squirrel makes it easy to set aside automatically each month and importantly helps to keep you motivated to not to withdraw early - unlike a normal savings account. It also does not allow you same day access - great for adding an extra barrier to temptation!
    • It's easy to create personalised goals for all the things you might want to set aside for. You can add your own names and pictures and track progress - proven ways of staying motivated about your saving
    • Setting money aside to your goal's is automatic and is deducted before you're even paid. This means you don't notice the money being Squirrelled away and never forget to set aside!
    • Your money is kept safe in your Squirrel account, separate from your normal bank account, so you're less tempted to dip into it. It takes one working day for withdrawals to arrive, so you can resist those impulse buys
    • Combine this with Squirrel's budgeting features and weekly payments and you'll find you can set aside so much more!
  2. Do I get any interest on goals? Your money is held in a non-interest bearing account and isn’t lent out, so neither Squirrel, nor your account gets any interest. We believe we can help you to set aside money for the things you need, rather than getting interest on savings you don’t yet have.

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