Time to get your employees in tip top financial shape?

Squirrel is Britain's number one financial wellbeing benefit that builds good financial habits, helping your staff feel happy, secure and supported.

Companies using Squirrel

Help achieve employees’ goals

The financial needs of some of your workforce is centered around managing their cash flow and saving for a house - not waiting for retirement in 40 years.

Promote employee wellbeing

Finances are a major cause of stress, loss of sleep & anxiety. Show your employees you care about their financial health - it’s the responsible thing to do and can impact your bottom line by up to 4% .

Why financial wellbeing matters to employers?

Attract and retain

Show employees you care about their wellbeing - they’ll notice when you do and tell their friends.

What does financial distress really cost your business?

Research by Barclays shows that financial stress can cost a company up to 4% of their bottom line. For Tesco, that's more than £100 million per year.

So how much is financial distress costing you? Use our distress calculator for a quick estimate.


What employers say

“Uptake of the benefit has been brilliant - We've received great feedback from staff who find it fun and simple to use.”

"Not having enough savings for unexpected expenses is the most frequently cited employee financial concern."

No hassle setup

Easy business case

Try Squirrel free for 3 months to gather the evidence you need to sell it internally.

Simple setup

Get up and running with minimal effort, no integration with internal systems required.

We do the work

We’ll provide all marketing materials, tailored to your business, so you can sit back and focus on your employees.

Start or stop at any time

We won’t leave your employees hanging and you looking bad if you want to stop - they’ll get to continue using the app for 3 months for free if you don’t want to continue with us.

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