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With over £9,000,000 processed and having been rated the best saving product ahead of RBS, Natwest and Barclays; Squirrel is fast becoming the UK's preferred way to budget. You can invest and become part of this growth. But hurry, time is limited!

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What if you never went over budget again?

Squirrel is a Barclays-held account that splits your salary up into your bills, savings, and a weekly allowance to spend on whatever you like.

No more overspending. No more overdraft. No more worries.

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Never worry about bills

Never worry about whether you can spend the money you have in your current account. Squirrel keeps your bill money safe and separate until each bill is due.

Always have money

Make every Monday a payday by getting paid weekly and always have money left at the end of the month.

Build up savings

Keep your money out of sight and out of mind, so you're not tempted to dip into savings.

All done for you

Squirrel keeps your finances on track automatically, so you can save time and get on with life. Savings grow without you even noticing.

How we’re changing lives

You're safe with us

FCA authorised

Squirrel is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and your money is held in Barclays accounts - one of the world's largest banks.

Bank level security

We use 256-bit encryption for all your personal information and will never share any of your details with third parties - your privacy is important to us!

Security audited

We take your security seriously. Squirrel is audited by Comsec Cyber & Information Security. Needless to say we pass their security audits with flying colours!

Talk to real people

Our friendly down to earth team will be there to support you every step of the way. Ask us a question or chat any time to get friendly quick advice.

Squirrel integrates with all major UK banks

Your own supportive money savvy friends

Our friendly down to earth team will be there to support you every step of the way to getting better with money. Ask us a question or chat any time to get friendly quick advice, or just to get support and a high five when you’re doing well.

Send us a photo of a puppy you've saved for* to share your joy with us, or let us know when you car's broken down and you need help adjusting your budget. We’ll be there rooting for you and supporting you as you get on top of your money!

Squirrel Team

* Roo - how cute!

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Fun, friendly and takes seconds to setup


Relax knowing you’ll never forget to set money aside

Take control

Squirrel keeps your money separate from your bank account, so you don’t over spend

Say goodbye to concerns and hello to savings

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