Get awesome with money!

Squirrel’s the simple way to improve your saving and spending habits.


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“A new way to manage your finances online”

“Simple saving, budgeting and bill management tools”

“I love the fact I'm getting paid weekly, it's really stopped my irrational spending.” – Eamon, Birmingham

Enjoy the whole month, not just the start

Choose to have your monthly salary held by Squirrel, then delivered to you weekly.

Weekly pay is easier to manage than one big payment at the start of month and means you never have to worry about running out of money at the end of the month.

Keep savings saved

Set aside money automatically from your pay so you never forget.

Your savings are kept out of sight and out of mind so you're not tempted to spend them.

Get on top of your money

Keep your savings, bills and spending money separate, so you can see exactly what you can spend.

How Squirrel works

How is Squirrel different?


Fun, friendly and takes seconds to setup


Relax knowing you’ll never forget to set money aside

Take control

Squirrel keeps your money separate from your bank account, so you don’t over spend

What others say

“This is just the kind of budgeting that I need, I now only spend what I can every week” – Matthew B

“It feels so good to look and see I have savings. I feel so proud.” – Jodie M

“Setting it up was easy and pain free! I'm excited for my future and achieving my goals!” – Kelsie G

Improve your saving and spending habits today

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